Mergers & acquisitions, divestures, increasing globalization, receding organizational boundaries and emerging new technologies are transforming the way businesses are run today. Companies are adapting to the nonstop change in business environment with constant innovation, better flexibility and improved efficiency to realize sustainable profitable growth and increased competitiveness.

Aim Plus Staffing's SAP practice is helping customers all over USA manage this constant business transformation by delivering business solutions that help them:

    * Integrate key business processes.
    * Manage value-chain across extended enterprises.
    * Enable collaboration among different organizations.
    * Deploy best-in-class solutions for critical business needs.
    * Improve operational efficiency.
    * Enable interoperability between heterogeneous applications.
    * Reduce costs.

Aim Plus Staffing Soltions can help clients generate more value from SAP systems because of our knowledge of best practices in Finance, HR, BW,SD, MM, WM, Supply chain, CRM, Portal and web services. Our approach maps world-class business performance characteristics to specific application features and requirements for key processes and modules.

Aim Plus Staffing Soltions offers a complete set of implementation services centered on deploying a SAP-based solution that meets the unique requirements of your business environment and industry with SAP specialists with certifications in both the functional and technical areas.