Consumer Services

India is witnessing an unprecedented consumption boom, spurred by the country’s emerging middle class. Retail sales in India’s consumer goods market are expected to grow to US$ 400 billion by 2010. Foreign Direct Investment is increasing and India is today among the top investment hubs in the consumer sector. Services contribute 54.1 per cent of the country’s US$ 720 billion GDP and employs around 23 per cent of its estimated 497 million workforces. Little wonder, then, that the sector is now the engine of economic growth in India

Managing a consumer-driven business in today’s environment is not for the timid. Today’s global customer base requires a multi-faceted approach to sales and marketing. The Internet adds numerous opportunities – and challenges as a company builds its relationships with its constituencies. And, competition for the attention and spending power of customers is unrelenting, requiring organizations to be well versed in the areas of supply chain, product development and increasingly, sustainability. Consumer company executives must be experienced leaders, highly focused but equally flexible and creative. No one understands this better than the consultants of Aim Plus Staffing Solutions Global Consumer Market.
Aimplus staffing solutions has a  team of over 40 consultants and researchers, who backed by decades of working with some of the most renowned companies in the consumer and services sector, bring their experience to the client. Aim Plus Staffing Solutions also have had extensive roles in the consumer, retail, travel, entertainment, and marketing services industries. Our consultants have held key executive positions in markets around the globe with the world’s best known branded companies. We understand the challenges you face and what leadership skills are needed to drive success.
Aim Plus Staffing Solutions specialize in key consumer markets and have access to Aim Plus Staffing Solutions global resources, further enhancing our ability to assemble and develop a cadre of elite candidates well suited to your organization.